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I was teaching my son how to drive against my wife’s wishes so when he crashed into our garage door and bent the panel. I needed help immediately, I called North York Garage Door and they sent a guy right out. He was able to repair the panel all before my wife got home from work. It didn’t matter though because my son was sure to tell her all about the issue over dinner. Thanks for your help guys!

I work nights at the hospital, the other night when I was preparing to leave my house I noticed a strange noise when I opened my garage door. I kept it moving and went to work, only to get a frantic phone call from my roommate at 3 am the door would not come down it was stuck in the up position. Thinking I was going to have to just make an appointment for that next morning I called North York Garage Door, they were actually open and sent a technician right to my house to fix the issue. I was able to go home after work and go right to bed no need to worry about my door. Thanks so much!

As I was pulling out of my driveway I witnessed my garage door all but come crashing down, hanging on by what looked like a thread I called North York Garage Door. They sent an emergency garage door repair team right out they fixed my broken garage door track and hung my door like it should be all before lunch. So thankful to have a local company like this I can count on, Thank you again!

The other day I was trying to open my garage door but it would not open all the way, I called Garage Door Repair in North York. They sent the guy right out to help me, they repaired my garage door opener sensors and in no time my door was functioning once again. Thanks so much!

As a Realtor my tenants call me for all types of issues, one of which came last night when my client could not get their garage door to close after they got home from work. This call came in at about 1 am, I was sure there was no company open to assist but to my surprise North York Garage Door Repair was open and arrived to the house in a few minutes. It came to be one of the panels were bent and needed to be replaced all which were done before I woke up the next morning. So thankful for the team at North York Garage Door!

For quite some time my garage door would make a horrible squeak every time I opened or closed it, I called Garage Door North York and they sent the guy right out. Turns out I just needed my rollers lubricated now my door opens and closes like it was brand new. Thanks so much!